IEQAS Schemes: Distribution Schedule

IEQAS Schemes Distribution Schedule 2024



Clinical Chemistry: Jan 8th, Feb 6th, Mar 4th, Apr 2nd, Apr 29th, May 27th, Jun 24th, Jul 29th, Sept 2nd, Oct 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd


FBC/Blood Cell Morphology: Feb 12th, Mar 25th (Fresh Blood), May 27th, Jul 29th, Sept 16th, Nov 11th


HbA1c: Jan 16th, Apr 16th, Jul 16th, Sept 10th, *Oct 22nd  (*EurA1c)




Clinical chemistry (general)

One sample, monthly: commercially prepared human-based (lyophilised); or fresh serum. 

Alb, Chol, HDL, LDL, Creat, eGFR, Ca, Ca(adj), Cl, Gluc, Iron, Transferrin, K, Lactate, Li, Mg, Na, Osmol, Phos, TBili, TProt, Trig, Urate, Urea, ALT, AST, Amylase, ALP, CK, GGT, LDH.


Full Blood Count

Two samples, bi-monthly: commercially prepared; or fresh blood.



Blood Cell Morphology

One sample, bi-monthly: stained blood smears, with summary FBC data.

Manual 100 cell differential count and most significant morphological observations. Primarily an educational scheme with no laboratory scoring, but with individual comments and advice as appropriate.  Annual review at IEQAS Conference.



Two samples, 5 distributions/year: fresh donor or pooled residual blood, with HbA1c values covering the diabetes range; IFCC reference values assigned by the European Reference Laboratory for Glycohemoglobin. 

Also suitable for POCT meters. 

POCT reference documents

Guidance on the Provision of Testing Services in Pharmacies, PSI, Version 3, October 2019 details

Guidelines for safe and effective Near Patient Testing (NPT) 2021Update details